Friday, 2 November 2012

Team Talk - Part 1

This weekend the team that are travelling the Silk Road in 2013 met up for the first time. Globebusters run a couple of weekend get togethers before we go. These are part briefing, part training and part team building.

Briefing covers the essentials of the trip: What to wear, what bike to take and how to preparare it, passports & visas, insurance, health. Despite a couple of years prepaaring for the trip it turns out there is more kit to buy and some of what I have is not recommended. That will teach me for being too keen!

Training this time is First Aid (First Bike on Scene), bike handling and group riding. The weather for Sunday looks to be cold and damp. Pretty typical for Wales and apparently good training for the Pamir Highway and Tibet.

The sessions are run by Kevin and Julia. You quickly realise that they have "been there, done that" and that however scarey it all seems, they are the right people to be doing this with.

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