Thursday, 25 April 2013

So long and thanks for all the fish ...

Ted Simon says the hardest thing about an expedition is going. The rest is easy.

I would not have got to the going if it wasn't for the fantastic support, encouragement and forebearance of a lot of people.

First and foremost my wife Sue. She has put up with my incessant planning, kit buying, research and impatience for the two years since I signed up. She has never even hinted that I shouldn't go but has encouraged me to follow my path every step of the way. Thank you Susie and good luck with Ziggy while I am away.

Thanks to my boss Cecilia for agreeing to let me take a sabatical. I'm not sure you really thought I was going when I asked for the time off. But now I am!

John, Hazel and the Principals and staff of LST. I couldn't have picked a worse time to go on this trip, apart from all the other times I could have picked. Thanks for your good wishes. I hope I have left everything in good order and expect to see a gleaming new school or two when I get back. Best of luck for the Ofsteds, (I almost said "Break a Leg" there but given my Patagonia experience though that was tempting fate).

Mum and Dad. You planted the seeds of travel and adventure in all of us when we were little. I bet you never thought one of us would be riding half way round the world.

And thanks to everyone else who knows me, has listened to my tales of preparation and has had the politeness not to yawn. You will not escape the holiday snaps, I will be posting them here soon....


  1. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! I think we will arrive at the cafe around 8pm.

  2. It will be a pleasure to ride along with you and share a little bit of your adventure. Even if it just the grueling 128 mile Watlington to Folkestone (via the Ace) section.

    See you tonight!