Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Day 67 - It ain't over ...

Just when the trip was in danger of turning into a long, drawn out ride to Beijing you get a great day's ride.

Like yesterday, we followed the "old" main road, the 108. Like yesterday, the road is pretty much empty as the traffic is all on the motorway which soars above us on concrete stilts over 30m high.

Unlike yesterday, the road has not been dug up and it didn't rain.

A fast ride along a wide river valley and through a well signposted city. Then up a narrow gorge with green wooded hills on both sides past small farms.

Now we are in central China the agriculture has changed. Gone is the Barley of Eastern Tibet. Now farms are a mix of rice paddies and maze. Instead of yaks and pigs by the road now there are water buffalo with huge horns. Luckily these are all tied up safely. "W is for Water Buffalo" would be very messy.

All in all a much better day though it was HOT. 35C and humid. You need to keep moving to stay cool.

Our destination, Foping, is a small town set by a river among steep hills. The peak opposite the hotel is crowned by a tall pagoda. All very picturesque though only Stephan found the energy to climb up to see the view.

Down in the town there is a dead body on the steps of the electricity company. Apparently there is a dispute between the family and the company about who should pay for the funeral and the family have put the body on the steps outside reception until it is resolved. It has been there three days so far. Four police cars are in attendance but no one seems to be getting too upset yet.

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