Friday, 5 July 2013

Day 68 - To Xi'an

From Foping to Xi'an is only a short hop (190km) so the plan is to be there by lunchtime.

The first 100km is through the same mountainous gorges as yesterday (see photo). The views and road were stunning. Sadly the rain returned with a vengeance so the exhilaration was tempered by a desire not to crash in the last week.

Once out of he mountains it was a straight run into Xi'an. Well, as straight as you can go in the chaos of Chinese traffic.

Xi'an is the ancient capital of China and is home to the famous Terracotta Army amongst other sites. We are here for two days so more on the historic sites later. For now Deefor is off to Macky D's for lunch!

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  1. They have some really nice stuff in the Chinese McD's, don't they? I found the spicy chicken bits are particularly excellent.