Sunday, 27 January 2013

Kit-tastic #2: Being Comfortable

Moving up Mazlow’s hierarchy of needs a bit, once you’ve avoided being hit by anyone, you need to be comfortable.
The contact points are the key areas and the biggest is your bum. Lots of people swear by Air Hawk inflated cushions, gel filled pads or sheepskin. I have added a new saddle (Kahedo) which I hope will do the job.
We might be spending a lot of time standing up on the rough stuff so big footpegs (Touratech) spread the load on your feet.
Top tip from Kevin at Globebusters was bar risers (Touratech). By bringing the handle bars up and back by a few centimetres your posture is improved and you look forward without stretching your neck. The downside in my case was that my helmet was lifted up into the airstream making riding bumpy and noisy. A higher windscreen (Wunderlich Xtreme) did the job.
Cold hands are the bane of bikers. Your thumbs are right out there in the wind chill. Adding larger wind guards (Barkbuster)  and BMW’s heated grips fixed that (I hope).

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