Sunday, 27 January 2013

Kit-tastic #3: Being in one piece if/when I drop it. Part 2: The Rider

Arai Tour X3 helmet: This was the replacement for the Arai Chaser nicked in Argentina. Arai lids seem to fit me well. Kevin recommends a flip-front as being more convenient but I like the peak on this one. As you can see I went for the special “Long Way Round - Charlie” paint job to match the bike. A slave to the celebrity culture as always.

BMW Rallye 2 Textile Suit: Protection at all the corners and wind and rain proof (up to a point).

Sidi Adventure Boots: Rock solid, full length, waterproof and comfortable. Top kit.
Pod knee braces: With a dodgy knee from the Patagonian dog incident, I decided to go for a set of these orthopaedic knee braces designed for MotorX. They allow you knee to bend as normal but give lateral and torsional support to stop your cruciates giving way. Knee pads help in a crash too.

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