Sunday, 27 January 2013

Kit-tastic #8: Taking it with you …

All the (non-clothing) kit
The more space you have the more you take. So the plan is to take it all in two panniers and a small tank bag. The panniers are 47 litre MetalMules. They are made from riveted 2mm gauge aluminium sheet. The lids have a silicon seal. Fully secure and locked onto the bike, these are strong, secure and watertight.
One pannier takes a specially designed Kriega bag that can be pulled out and taken into the accommodation each night. The other one takes all the tools and “stuff” and can stay on the bike.
Bolted onto the outside are a carrier for extra fuel, water and a fire extinguisher.
A small tank bag takes maps, phone, lunch and other bits are needed during the day.

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