Saturday, 8 June 2013

Chinese Driving

Imagine a set of traffic rules: drive on the right, stop at red lights, Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre etc. then ignore them all and do what you want while speaking on the mobile phone.

The roads are full of trucks, busses, cars, silent-but-deadly electric scooters and pedestrians. None of them obey any rules. They weave and dodge seemingly oblivious of the danger.

Scooters often have a family of four with the baby sitting in a high chair strapped to the back. Others are loaded with cargo (two 6 foot builders planks, a sheep etc). No one wears a helmet. Girls sit nonchalantly side saddle chatting on their mobile as their boyfriend cuts up a few cars.

Surprisingly there seem to be few accidents. Perhaps the danger makes them all more aware of what is happening or perhaps they are lucky. Who knows, but we are going to need to learn the ropes. Fast.
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