Thursday, 13 June 2013

Day 47 - It's Not A Holiday...

GB's strap line says "It's not a holiday, it's an adventure". Ever since the start we have been teasing Kevin whenever a previously rough road was tarmaced or a remote home stay had wifi. "It's not an adventure, it's a holiday".

Today it became an adventure.

After 3 hours riding we had made less than 20 miles. The new road that is being built was blocked off and we had to parallel it on tracks being used by all the regular traffic and the construction vehicles.

The problem is that the land is basically sand with a thin crust on top and the trucks had turned it into dust. Imagine 32km of plain flour piled 15cm deep and scored with ruts and you will have an idea of the conditions. It was so bad that even some of our most experienced riders came off at some point.

Today's photo shows a stretch not yet churned by trucks and looking deceptively substantial. Do not be fooled. It wasn't.

In the end we had to get on the unfinished road or someone would have a serious crash or a burnt out clutch. That meant riding up a two meter, 45 degree bank and over a concrete kerb. It took Deefor two attempts and the help of some mates (thanks Brad, Patrick and Mel) and we were there!

The next obstacle was the tarmac laying machine which was parked blocking the road. Simple. You just ride along the kerb stones with a steep bank to your left, making sure you don't hit the machine with your pannier and then drop back onto the road. Compared to the sand it was easy.

It was all too much for poor Snowy (the support van). Despite Tintin's best efforts a front wheel drive Transit with a motor bike and spares in the back was never going to make it. A passing digger from the road crew was persuaded to help and Snowy was free at last.

Once through the roadworks the new road was superb and we flew along arriving at a nice clean hotel (en suite showers and toilets - luxury) in Ger at 5.

All agreed it was the toughest days riding they had ever done but we all made it in one piece.

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