Sunday, 16 June 2013

Day 50 - To The Foot of Everest

Access to Everest is restricted, so today's ride was to position us close to the entrance ready for an early start tomorrow.

We left Saga with few regrets. Apart from the dust, smell, roadworks and general poverty, the stray dogs kept us awake all night. It is genuinely hard to imagine how people can live in these conditions many of which do not need investment to fix. What they do need is education and leadership.

The route took us over two passes on unmade roads before we joined the "Friendship Highway" that links Lhassa in Tibet to Kathmandu in Nepal.

The communities we passed through were desperately poor but with evidence of new investment in roads, electricity, irrigation and telecoms.

Deefor stopped to make coffee by a ruined fort and was soon joined by this little family who soon took possession of any crisps and sweets that were available.

Tonight we stay in Dingri. All excess weight is being stripped off the bikes and the van ready for the rough roads to Base Camp tomorrow.

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  1. Sounds like its all getting a bit gnarly

    Ride safe and make sure all of you come back down in one piece