Thursday, 27 June 2013

Day 61 - Rain

It had to happen eventually. Today for the first time it was raining as we left the hotel. All togged up in rain suits we headed out into Western Szechuan.

The roads were greasy after the rain and our bikes are fitted with off-road tyres which have worn almost smooth. No one actually slid off the road but we all had a few squiggly moments.

By lunchtime we were out of the mountains and in the first city. The rate at which these are being built is amazing. Everywhere you look, new neighbourhoods and business districts are being laid out.

The traffic is appalling. Cars, lorries, motorbikes and pedestrians arrive from all directions. People overtake on blind corners with no thought about how to get back in to their own side beyond pushing the motorbike out of the way.

After 7 hours riding we had travelled just 180miles and were wrecked. The end point was Mount Emie, one of the most important sites in Chinese Buddhism. More importantly it is the site of a luxury 5 star hotel for two nights.

Dinner tonight was fresh from stall to table. Fish and chicken were being selected and killed order. We drew the line at the toads and rabbits.

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