Saturday, 8 June 2013

Day 41 - Driving Licences

Today we headed back out of town to the local equivalent of the DVLA to get permits for the bikes and our driving licences.

To the Chinese a motorcycle is a scooter or a 125cc petrol bike. There are no big bikes and the BMWs and KTMs are a matter of great curiosity to everyone, even the transport inspectors.

After a cursory inspection and elaborate noting of frame numbers the bikes were deemed OK. On to the drivers...

We were directed to a posh boardroom where our Chinese guide translated the "Instructions for New Drivers" for our benefit. The three most important points seem to be:

1. Keep your vehicle clean.
2. Take care not to splash pedestrians when driving through water.
3. Do not spit while driving.

This might explain the driving standards.

Dinner was at the old British Consulate building. A fantastic Chinese feast of gung pao chicken, twice cooked pork, steamed fish, broccoli, cabbage, celery, sweet and sour pork and rice.

Chop sticks are the order of the day, which slows you down a bit, but Deefor for one was stuffed by the end of it. After three days in home stays eating simple food it made a welcome change.

UPDATE: 9/6 - We got our licences and new number plates today! Photo attached.

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