Saturday, 8 June 2013

Day 42 - Kashgar

A quiet day today recovering from the Pamirs and preparing for Tibet.

Our hotel is a five star run by a local Uighur company. Uighur people are the majority in this area of China and they are Muslim like their neighbours in the 'Stans. The upshot of this is that the hotel does not serve beer. A major oversight for an adventure bike tour.

It also doesn't have air conditioning (it is 30c outside), toilet paper is rationed, the breakfast closes strictly at 10:30 and the drains smell. Apart from that it is great and provides a luxurious space in which to relax.

The laundry has worked overtime as every item of clothing, including riding suits, get a clean.

Out the front, behind a rather film starish red rope, the bikes are checked and fixed. Not too much damage since Dushanbe. One indicator lens smashed - but then they don't use them here, so not a problem.

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