Thursday, 6 June 2013

Your Yurt or Mine

It takes four people two hours to put up one of these amazing mobile houses. The walls are made like a garden trellis and spring into shape. The 68 roof beams support a circular opening in the roof to let out smoke. The whole is covered in felt for waterproofing and insulation.

Inside, sitting on the carpets eating our dinner off low tables, we are kept warm by a yak dung fire in a little iron stove. Very snug.


  1. Great news Glad all is going well. Thanks for the phone call We are all fit and well.

    "Per adua ad aspidistra" as they say in the junior service.

    Keep concentrating Much love L & J

  2. Good to see you comfort level remains acceptable, looks like a harsh environment for the past few days. Hows the bike been? Did the KTM cope with the altitude?
    Enjoy the China bit still to come. David