Monday, 13 May 2013

Born to Run

Great video from Toni and Iain. Enjoy!


  1. wonderfully evocative - many thanks for sharing

  2. We are a dynamic form from EWS south site (8JT)with a huge passion for food. We are investigating the foods along the Silk Road route. Whether it’s a chicken fried rice in China or a tabbouleh from Iraq, we will be testing the culinary styles of all your countries.

  3. 7BK are excited to start researching the countries along the Silk Road route. We have split up into different groups and look forward to finding out more about other cultures, especially whether students in other counties have the same opportunities at School as we do. We will be using all of our talents to create a truly individual final presentation. Good luck with your journey, and remember- life is what you make it!