Thursday, 30 May 2013

Day 33 - To the foot of the Pamirs

We set out at lunchtime for a short hop from Dushanbe to the foot of the Pamirs in Kulyab.

The reason for this will become clear tomorrow as the next stage involves a couple of river crossing and can be a long day. Today's section means we will get into it early.

The road was great. Yes, you heard. Great. Recently built with a new tunnel. Fast smooth curves, little traffic and relatively few cows.

The only problem was the heat. Deefor's bike said 43C but most were reading 39C. The sun was blazing down and some still pockets of air were like furnaces.

We are staying in a small hotel which to everyone's surprise has wifi! The interweb is penetrating even these remote hills.


  1. Big sis and Si30 May 2013 at 17:25

    Cycling down the Loire with less wifi connectivity, roads innondee (flooded), but silk weaving (in Tours) and only fuel needed is speciality de la maison and local vintage. Vive la France. Keep on blogging. Love J

  2. Looking forward to the update once you get to the other end of the Pamir highway.

    Stay safe