Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Groundhog Days

The trip is settling down into a rhythm now.

Alarm clock goes off at 6:00 and it takes 15 minutes to wash, finish packing and load the bike. Breakfast at 6:30 and the first bike rolls out at just after 7:00.

First break of the day after an hour or so for petrol and tea. Home brew for some or a stop for ├žay (tea) with the locals. Lunch can be a sandwich made at breakfast time and cuppa soup (Mel) or a stop at a roadside eatery. Some just press on through.

Covering 500+ km a day means 2 or 3 petrol stops. A chance to stretch your legs and buy some su (water) for the ride. We are drinking 2 or more litres every day. It is amazing how 10 hours on the road in 24C dries you out and how your concentration goes if you are not properly hydrated.

We don't travel in convoy. Some of the riders prefer to go ride in a small group, others on their own. Over the course of the day you pass and repass people. There is always a wave and a check that all is OK. And if you are a back marker Tin Tin stops to check all is in order. Happy Days!

We are all in the destination hotel in time for the evening briefing at 7:00 PM. Kevin talks us through the next day's route, lines up stuff for further down the road and answers questions.

Then it is off for dinner. Once a week this is a group event, but most nights people wander off and find what suits.

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