Thursday, 2 May 2013

Day 6 - Greece

360km across Northern Greece from Kastoria ("Most Beautiful Town in Greece) through Thessalonika into Macedonia to Alexandropolos. We are stopping here tonight so we only have a short hop to the border with Turkey tomorrow.

There were two routes on offer; twisty through the mountains or quick along the motorway.

That choice got us thinking about why we are on the trip. At one end there are "Riders": people who are here to ride their bikes and don't really care where to. At the other end, "Travellers" are here for the journey and the bike is a means to an end. We are all somewhere on that continuum. Named for its creators (and representatives of the two extremes), the Mordaunt/Bolingbroke Scale is a breakthrough in Adventure Biking taxonomy.

So, while Peter took the high road, Deefor took the low (fast) road with Ian. A diversion off the Motorway for petrol, coffee and a pipe saw us in a small town where we were bought coffee by the locals. Efharista poli!

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