Friday, 17 May 2013

Day 19 - All At Sea

The Kara Karayev was built in 1983 in Rostov, East Germany. She is named after a Russian composer of the 20th Century. Originally a military transport, she arrived in the Caspian in 2008 and now ferries goods between the five main ports on the sea.

We know all this because after sailing on the Gara all night and arriving outside the port of Turkmenbashi at lunchtime, we are now at anchor waiting for entry clearance. (Note to sailors: Q flag, courtesy flag and Anchor Ball all hoisted). Time is being killed researching the ship, reading, blogging and practicing songs for tonight's concert

Tonight's concert? Yes, we will be on board for a second night as we await the pleasure of the Turkmeni port authorities.

Time has stood still. Quite literally. The clock in the mess room is stuck on 8 O'clock. So breakfast is at 8. Lunch is at 8. Dinner at 8 etc.

Our expected disembarkation time? 8. Let's hope it is AM.

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