Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Day 31 - Deefor Does Mechanics

We have two days off in Dushanbe to rest relax and prepare ourselves for a week in the Pamir Mountains. This is going to be proper Adventure Motorcycling and we and the bikes need to be on top form.

So Deefor unpacked his toolkit and set to work. Oil change, new knobbly tyres for off-road, reattach headlamp that has shaken free, refasten Metal Mules that have worked free due to crashes and vibration.

Tin Tin, Alan, Chris, Iain and Stevie Love all leant hands and advice. Thanks guys and Toni for the water- lifesaver!.


  1. Looking ready for the adventure!

  2. Are you as clean as the bike?

  3. Nice to see the bike looking so good after such a trip. Hope you are in as good shape !
    I think I have finally sussed how to make a comment on your blog.......only taken me a month !