Monday, 6 May 2013

Reflections in The Bosphorus

The end of the first week and time to take stock.

We always knew that the first seven days would be a blast across Europe to get us to the start of the real adventure.

What we didn't know was that GB had built some great motorbiking roads in the Black Forest and Croatian coast into the route. So it was tough, long days and high speeds, but fun as well.

The state of the roads in the former Yugoslavia left a lot to be desired. Since we left Austria the prize for best maintained highways goes to ..... Turkey.

The quality and location of hotels has been great. The strap line says "It's not a holiday, it's an adventure" but for the first week at least it has been a holiday AND an adventure.

The GB team and the other riders are great. It is a relaxed atmosphere but Kevin keeps us "on task" so that we all achieve more than we thought possible.

In Deefor's case that means getting his bike into and out of the caravanserai down two flights of steps. Thanks Iain, Kevin and Tin Tin for your support and encouragement on that.

Final thank you to you the readers for the many messages of support for the blog. Please do use the comment feature to send me feedback. If there is any aspect of the trip you want more information on I will get my crack reporting team onto it.

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  1. Headgear starting to become a theme in these phots