Thursday, 30 May 2013

Interuption in Service

When GB came this way two years ago there was little or no internet in the 'Stans. When there was, you couldn't access social media sites and some other web pages.

Things have moved on and nearly every hotel has had access (except the one still run by the Soviets). They have given what appears to be unfiltered access (except in Turkmenistan where Facebook is banned because it doesn't fit with the decor).

However, as we leave Dushanbe and head into the Pamir Mountains we enter a place that even the mighty interweb has failed to reach.

Il mezzo milione will resume its lies on the other side in Kashgar.

We apologise for any etc. etc.


  1. Aw no, I was looking forward to my regular dosage of mezzo. I guess you are truly into the wilderness now.

  2. Keep your coat and your head down!

  3. Just to prove that I'm a liar. We have wifi at the first night's home stay.